Comic Strips: These are a few of about a dozen I’ve created. The strip is always an attractive form, easily adaptable to special use. If you’d like me to create a unique strip for yourself, Contact me.

“Koky” – A daily and Sunday family humor strip written by Richard O’Brien that I drew that was syndicated by the Chicago Tribune-New York News Syndicate. It was one of the first strips based on the concept of a housewife who also pursued a professional career. Collections of the strips are available here and here.

“Hang in There” – A daily gag panel that I wrote and drew, syndicated by the Chicago Tribune-New York News Syndicate, dealing with the subject of the financial challenges in everyday business and personal life.

“There Oughtta Be a Law” – I wrote and drew an updated version of this classic two-panel cartoon, syndicated by United Media. The subject was things that people did that annoyed other people. Readers submitted them as gag suggestions and earned a credit in the published cartoon.