Hey, We’re on Television!

The documentary, FUNNY BUSINESS –An Inside Look at the Art of Cartooning, will be telecast on Thursday evening, May 5th, at 8pm on PBS’s Channel 13 in New York City.  Directed by Lyda Ely, the hour-long film includes interviews with cartoonists S.Gross, Roz Chast, George Booth, Lee Lorenz, Frank Modell, Victoria Roberts, Matt Diffee, David Sipress, Ed Koren, Arnie Levin and me.  Hear us talk and see us draw — and I even get to play the piano and sing a little —(a very little, thankfully).  This is the first of several local PBS broadcasts scheduled across the country during the year, so if you’re not in NYC, watch for it on other dates and times.  Very entertaining and interesting, with a focus on Lyda’s mother, who aspired to become a New Yorker cartoonist herself and was encouraged by the legendary Charles Addams.

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