New Yorker Caption Contest Winner

This week’s issue (3/26/12) of The New Yorker carried the announcement of the winner of the February 27 cartoon caption contest, of my drawing of the two pea hens talking about a peacock proudly showing off his gorgeous green plumage.  The winner was Brendan Powers, of Ithaca, New York, whose caption was, “He’s had work.”   Mr. Powers sent me an email, saying that his victory had turned him on to caption writing and cartooning and that he was so interested in learning more about it, he had bought a copy of my book,”Cartooning:  The Art and the Business,” and wondered if I was still teaching, or planning to teach a cartooning class in the near future. (Oh-Oh.  Now what have I done?)  By the way, just for the record, my own caption for the cartoon was, “In bed, he’s black and white.”

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