Tribeca Film Festival

Here are a few photos from the Tribeca Film Festival last Sunday, where the documentary “Very Semi-Serious,” in which I am one of the featured cartoonists, premiered, with a bit of bezazz ….well-deserved by all.Semi Serious Party 1Here I am at the bar, with cartoonists Felipe Galindo and Liam Walsh and his wife.Very Semi-Serious Red CarpetPrior to the screening, all the New Yorker cartoonists attending, all of whom appeared in the film, even if only for a second, were gathered on the red carpet for this Very Semi-Serious moment.  I’m in the middle row, fourth from the left, next to Sam Gross, and if you want identification of any of the others, drop me a note.Semi Serious Party 3At the bar there was a vintage telephone , from perhaps 1939, and I couldn’t resist trying to make a call back to those “good old” days, when The New Yorker cartoons were just becoming the must-see feature of the magazine.  “Very Semi-Serious” makes references to those early days as well as to the changes that have been made since.  Keep your eye out for the film; we’re all hoping it will get into commercial distribution….and it’s definitely worth seeing.

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