‘Superheroes’ Interview on “CBS This Morning”

On Saturday morning, January 9, I appeared on “CBS This Morning,” as part of a segment reporting on the exhibition, Superheroes in Gotham, now at the New York Historical Society, that I’d mentioned here previously.  The show includes a couple of pieces of mine.  One is a cartoon about Batman’s sidekick Robin, that appeared in The New Yorker, and  the other is a pencil drawing  on the inside cover of my old Brooklyn Hebrew school grammar book, of Batman beating up bad guys, that I drew when I was 9 years old.

The entire segment, which includes footage of art work, exhibits, the full-size Batmobile from television, animated movies and various interviews, runs for about six and a half minutes.  I appear suddenly at the 5-minute mark, in a photograph as a 7-year-old with my baby sister Judie. Then you get glimpses of me and of my drawings.  I remain on the screen for 40 action-packed seconds.  A stark reminder that all fame is indeed fleeting.

The exhibition is, also.  It will close on February 21, so hurry over to the NY Historical Society to see it.  It’s well worth while —even beyond my contributions.

Here’s the url to the clip of the segment.


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